eBooks - Getting Started

Blackwell’s eBooks - Getting Started

There are 3 steps to buying eBooks:

  1. Step 1 - Install the software you need
  2. Step 2 - Buy and download an eBook from Blackwell Online
  3. Step 3 - Transfer your eBook to your Nook eReader/Tablet
  4. Step 3A: (Optional) Transfer your eBook to your Nook HD Tablet eReader
  5. Step 3B: (Optional) Transfer your eBook to another eReader (Not the Kindle)

 Step 1: Install the software you need

To read one of our thousands of eBooks on your eReader, you first need to install Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.  This is free to download from the internet

Installing Adobe Digital Editions

Without the installation of this software you will not be able to read any eBooks on your computer.

  1. Install Adobe Digital Editions. You will be taken to a page on the Adobe website
  2. Activate Digital Editions when prompted - you'll need to be online
  3. You'll need your Adobe ID for this step. Register with Adobe if you haven't already
  4. Authorise your computer to protect your digital content. You can authorise up to 6 computers with the same Adobe ID
  5. Accept the user agreement - your eBooks are assigned to your Adobe ID, not your computer so by activating:
  • You can transfer eBooks onto up to 6 (authorised) machines
  • Your eBooks are protected if your computer should break

For more information, visit Digital Editions help

Step 2: Buy and download an eBook from Blackwell Online

  1. Browse eBooks or locate using the search
  2. Buy online and we'll send you an order confirmation email followed by a separate email containing a link to download your eBook.
  3. Open the link file using Adobe Digital Editions (right click on the actual link file (*.acsm) and choose open with Adobe Digital Editions) and it will download the eBook for you.
  4. Once you click on the ‘Download Item’ button Adobe Digital Editions will start up in the background in anticipation of downloading an eBook, it then waits for you to download the eBook ‘token’ file, how this is done depends on which web browser you are using, if Internet Explorer, Opera or FireFox then you should be presented with a dialog box asking you to choose to either ‘Save file’ or ‘Open file with…’,  always chose the ‘Open with…’ Adobe Digital Editions option. However if you are using Google Chrome (or the link file has already been downloaded) then the eBook file will be automatically downloaded to your download folder, you then have to find the downloaded file (not the eBook but a link file) and right-click on it and then choose ‘Open with’ – Adobe Digital Editions which will then download your eBook.   
  5. Your eBook will be saved on your computer in: My documents/ My Digital Editions
  6. You have 3 attempts to download your eBook.

If you need any more attempts or further help, please email us with details of the problem.

Step 3: (Optional) Transfer your eBook to your Nook eReader (or other eReader but NOT Kindle)

  1. Connect your Nook eReader to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. The following message will appear:

A mobile device has been detected. To transfer protected items between your Digital Editions library and this device, both the device and the computer must be authorized with the same Adobe ID.

To authorize this device with your Adobe ID (Your ID will be listed here), click Authorize Device.

  1. Click on Authorise Device and the following message will appear:

Your device has been successfully authorized.

Click on Finished.

Step 3A: (Optional) Transfer your eBook to your Nook HD Tablet eReader

  1. Connect your Nook HD Tablet eReader to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. The HD Tablet will connect to your PC as an External hard drive.
  3. Locate your directory called ‘My Digital Editions’ on your PC where your eBooks are stored.
  4. Ensure your Nook HD Tablet is switched on and Drag the ebooks (ending in ePub) over to the external hard drive.
  5. Your eBooks should then be visible on your HD Tablet .

 Step 3B: (Optional) Transfer your eBook to another eReader (Not the Kindle)

  1. Check the eReader symbol is showing in the list on the left-hand side of your eBook Library.
  2. If it does not, check the USB cable is connected properly and the Reader is turned on, also please check you are connected to the internet.
  3. Left click the title of the eBook you want to transfer and drag it into your eBook Library and drop it onto the eReader symbol.
  4. Your eReader will see that an eBook has been added to the library and automatically transfer it.


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