Reading eBooks on iPads using Bluefire

Reading eBooks on iPad & iPad1

In order to read your eBooks on your iPad, our technical team advise they use an eReader called 'Bluefire' as it can download and read many formats and is usually a trouble free process.

Download and perform a simple install Bluefire Reader version 1.2 or higher on your iOS device from

Bluefire Reader is a free application that can be found on the Apple App Store.
Instructions are included with 'Bluefire' for copying files but customers must remember to authorise 'Bluefire' with their Adobe ID.

If you wish to download direct to your iPad then simply follow the advice above but if you wish to download onto a Windows PC you will need to transfer the file to the iPad.  There are a few ways to do this, Windows Explorer and 'Dropbox' being the easiest.  'Drop box' is also relatively trouble free and simple to use.


Regarding the installation of Bluefire on the iPad1:
·         Go to the App Store and locate Bluefire reader.
·         Start the Install.
·         You should receive the information that this version is not compatible with your iOS and you will be offered to download an older version of this app (1.9.7), please select Download.

(If you receives the message ‘unable to Download Application’, this may suggest that the connection with the App Store has been interrupted and you will need to retry the installation process.)

In both of the above examples you will be required to authorise both devices with their Adobe ID before downloading the eBook.

If you are still have questions, please contact our Support Team on 01865-333536 or contact us via Chat on the Website or by email to for advice.


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