Do I use Adobe Digital Editions or Adobe Reader to read my eBooks?

Do I use Adobe Digital Editions or Adobe Reader to read my eBooks?

Please note that our eBooks are PDF with DRM and can only be opened with Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) and cannot be read on Adobe Reader. 

For first-time users, clicking on the eBook link will install ADE then open the eBook.

If ADE is already installed, clicking on the eBook link will open ADE then open the eBook.


Link to download ADE:


Adobe Reader

Please be aware that some eBooks may be purchased without DRM then they will be able to be opened in Adobe Reader, however. all of the eBooks purchased through Blackwell's have DRM and will require Adobe Digital Editions to be installed.

It may be that your PC has been set to associate 'acsm' files with Adobe Reader.  To change the association for an acsm file please do the following:

  1. Select the file in My Digital Editions (click on it with right mouse button)
  2. From the menu select Properties
  3. In General tab select Change
  4. Select Adobe Digital Editions.


What is an ACSM File?
This is the shortcut link to the download. It is created when the user has not downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions. When the user has downloaded and installed ADE, it will automatically then pick up the PDF file and place it in their "library".


What is DRM?
DRM stands for "Digital Rights Management". They are the controls/limitations/restrictions that a publisher has placed against a particular title. In theory these controls could be used to limit the number of times an eBook can be read, how many pages can be printed, and what devices and/or software systems are able to read it etc. (etc.) In reality, most publishers have chosen a fairly loose set of controls that amongst other things restrict the number of times that the eBook can be downloaded and a limitation on how much of the book can be printed off. The download limits, and for that matter the restrictions applied within each books' DRM is set by the publisher concerned.



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