We want to be able to buy redemption codes for our students to use on Blackwell’s, how can we do this?

As a university, you can purchase redemption codes for your students. These are codes attached to specific eBooks chosen by you which can be redeemed by your students when you give a code to them.

There are two ways to buy redemption codes for your students through Blackwell’s:

  1. You can compile an order through the Blackwell’s platform through your university administrator account. At the checkout, choose to deliver your eBooks via code and an email will be sent to you, containing the redemption codes you have purchased.
  2. You can also make the order through your local Blackwell’s sales team. By going through one of our salespeople, you will be able to access much better discount opportunities, especially for large bulk purchases.

If you are still have questions, please contact our Support Team.

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