Ordering books to be sent to an HMP prisoner

Our best suggestion for ordering books to be sent to an HMP prisoner is as follows:

Please go to http://bookshop.blackwell.co.uk and register your details or log into your Online account and click on 'Account'
1. Click on 'Billing & Delivery Information'
2. Add the Prison Delivery Address required in the 'Alternative Delivery Address' fields.
3. Click on 'Finish'
4. After selecting your books, proceed to checkout as usual.
5. On the first screen, your Billing Address will be displayed initially.
Click on the box to 'Use Delivery Address' - this will load the Delivery address on your account.
NB Please ensure the prisoner's number is included in the delivery address against the surname.
6. Proceed through to 'Payment Details' - the Alternative Delivery Address used will be displayed as your Billing Address.
Click on the box to 'Use Billing Address' - this will load your Billing address on your account.

Please note that books should not contain nudity or contain any inflammatory material such as gang related. racism, or books promoting violence.
Also, please check with the prison before ordering DVDs as some prisons will not accept them.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 01865-333536

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