Harry Potter eBooks

What format is my Harry Potter eBook?

Harry Potter eBooks are supplied as EPUB files, the world's most popular and open eBook standard, which can be read on most computers, tablets, eReaders and mobile phones. EPUB file sizes vary depending on their content, but your Harry Potter eBooks should each be around 1-2MB.


Can I read them on my device?

EPUB files are supported on the following devices:


Apple iPad, iPhone and iPods (supporting iOS4.2+)

Android tablets and smartphones (e.g. Samsung, Sony)

Blackberry tablets and smartphones


Google Play



Scholastic Storia

Sony Reader

Windows tablets and smartphones (e.g. Nokia, HTC)

These eBooks are not compatible with Kindle


You can also download the eBooks directly to your computer, and read them using eReading software such as Adobe Digital Editions. http://www.adobe.com/solutions/ebook/digital-editions.html


You are allowed to download your Harry Potter eBook 3 times

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