My book or catalogue data or jacket image is incorrect on the website

Thank you for your email regarding your data on our website.

We’re very pleased to let you know that we use BDS as our principle bibliographic data supplier. We have also transitioned from BIC to Thema, the new global category scheme for the book trade ( Both these moves, in addition to dramatic changes on the site, mean that there are even more opportunities for publishers to make sure that biblio metadata is working hard to sell more books.

So what can you do about improving your data?

BDS is able to accommodate a variety of data feeds and formats, including ONIX. Listing your core metadata, enriched data and images with BDS is completely free; we do not charge publishers for listing their titles with us, so for further information please contact their Publisher Liaison Team on: 
Tel: 01387 702251 
BDS Ltd Annandale House The Crichton Dumfries DG1 4TA

If you’d like to talk to us at Blackwell’s about data concerns or have any other questions then please contact 
Euan Hirst by email to

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