Hourly sale offer FAQs

Hourly sale offer FAQs


So what is the offer?

The countdown promotion will run for 12 hours, starting at 8am GMT on 23rd of November. There will be a new book available on our homepage for a fantastic price every hour. The last one will be available at 7pm.

What happens if I'm buying and the book sells out?

The book you want to buy is only definitely yours when you see the confirmation page, up to that point if someone beats you to it, then the book will disappear from your basket, sorry! We recommend setting up an account and signing in to get through checkout a little faster…

Also the quantity may change, so for example you’re trying to order three copies and only two are available by the time you hit ‘Proceed to payment’ then we’ll just charge you for the two left.

These offers are really good, are they the same books as normal?

Yes. We've negotiated some special prices just for you.

Oops. In all the excitement I bought a book I don't want.

That's fine, no problem at all. Just let us know via the form on our contact us page and we'll cancel the order for you.

Is there a way to find out what the next offer is?

No, sorry, the fact it's a secret is part of the fun…

I added a book to my basket and it disappeared, what happened?

Sorry, the book sold out during the time it took to add it to your basket.

I missed the book I wanted, can I still get it at the price offered somehow?

Sorry, no. After the offer is over you'll be able to buy the book again, but at the normal price.

Do the books on offer include postage in the price?

Yes, they do, the only reason the price may change in checkout is any local taxes which may be applied for the delivery country.

Can I buy these books in Blackwell’s shops at this price?

No sorry it’s an online only offer not available in stores.

I've got some other questions you've not covered here…

Why not drop us a line?

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